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Among the familiar characters, wide range of freedom, and interesting gameplay that keeps your experience new and exciting every time, you will also find that what you thought of as merely an online game is actually just a small portion of the boundless fun that RevivalStory can provide.

In addition to all the factors that the base game has to offer, throw in the unusual minigames, various events, and a variety of backgrounds that transcend time, and before you know it, you will find yourself glued to RevivalStory.

Easy interface with simple control

RevivalStory is an online game that uses a side-scroller format, which is entirely different from the 3-D or quarter-view formats that are prevalent in most games. It allows you to jump or climb ladders, emphasizes arcade-like gameplay, and doesn't have confusing perspective transitions so it's easily approachable for anyone to play.

A collection of interesting items

From clothes and hairstyles to earrings and shoes, most of the wearable items in the game are shown on the screen as worn by the characters. It goes beyond merely distinguishing your items from those of others using vague colors and forms, but rather allows you to visually enjoy the items themselves.

Creative ideas

In RevivalStory, unique and bizarre items appear alongside the usual items that are available in most common games. Unexpected items appear as weapons and clothes to give you the kind of fun simply unavailable in other games.

Adding humor to the game

The characters featured in the game display humongous heads and feature a ton of hilarious facial expressions to bring a smile to your face. Cute, charming monsters, various events, and minigames within the game are all available for you to enjoy.

Distinctive graphics

The towns are featured in their own, very distinctive ways, which allows users to fully appreciate the different dynamics each town has to offer. Small details such as the scrolling background that follows the character's movement only adds to the beauty of the game itself. As for the attacking skills - the higher the skill level, the flashier the skill gets, making each attack a dynamic, eye-pleasing experience.