A step-by-step guide on downloading and installing the game.

Step 1: Download Game Client

To play the game, you'll need to download the program that executes it. The set-up program is called the client.

Note: Download might take some time

Step 2: Download Complete

The download is complete. Open the file “MSSETUP.EXE”.

Step 3: Game-install Option

Choose the directory where RevivalStory will be installed. If you want it saved in the default folder, just press "next."

Step 4: Installation Complete

The game has been fully installed. Press "Finish" to end the InstallShield wizard.

Step 5: Run RevivalStory

Once installation is completed, you'll see a mushroom-looking RevivalStory icon on your desktop.

Double-click on it to start the game.

Note: Before starting the game, please make sure you have DirectX on your computer. Download DirectX if it isn’t installed.